Elementary school silent writing in English

Elementary school silent writing in English

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2022-06-20 默写

  1. 听到歌手在唱歌(过)
  2. 把垃圾扔在垃圾筒外(过)
  3. 将会忙碌
  4. 我的暑期计划
  5. 看一看你的旅行书
  6. 带许多食物到月球(过)
  7. 驾驶飞船到火星(过)
  8. 你对这部电影怎么看?
  9. 多么有趣啊!
  10. 睡了几分钟
  • hear(heard) the singer singing(sang)
  • throw rubbish out of the bin (threw)
  • will be busy
  • my plan for the summer holiday
  • have a look at your travel book
  • bring(brought) much food to the Moon
  • fly (flew) a spaceship to Mars
  • What do you think of this film?
    How exciting !
  • What great fun !
  • sleep for a few minutes (slept)

2022-06-18 默写

  1. 迫不及待地做西红柿汤
  2. 向警察寻求帮助
  3. 看蝴蝶在花丛中飞舞
  4. 在除夕夜放烟火爆竹
  5. 不同的习惯
  6. 一个有难度的问题
  7. 需要吃些药并多休息
  8. 我弟弟的第二十三个生日
  9. 因令人兴奋的新闻/消息而兴奋
  10. 澳大利亚的运动爱好者
  11. 找到更多关于澳大利亚的信息
  • can’t wait to cook tomato soup
  • ask policemen for help
  • watch butterflies dancing in the flowers
  • light fireworks and firecrackers on Chinese New Year’s Eve
  • different habits
  • a difficult question
  • need to take some medicine and have a lot of rest
  • my brother’s twenty-third birthday
  • be excited about the exciting news
  • Australian soprt-lovers
  • find more about Australia

2022-06-16 默写

  1. 看起来开心/唱得开心(过)
  2. 在那待一个月
  3. 从家里带许多水果
  4. 在空中的许多气球
  5. 从我阿姨那得到许多玩具飞机
  6. 一个有红鼻子的小丑
  7. 出现在派对上
  8. 给我买了许多礼物(两种)(过)
  9. 给我们一些零食(过)(两种)
  10. 上演一出精彩的戏
  11. 迟到几分钟
  • look happy/sing happily
  • stay there for a month
  • bring much fruit from home
  • many balloons in the sky
  • get many toy planes from my aunt
  • a clown with a red nose
  • appear at the party
  • buy a lot of presents/gifts for me
    buy me alot of presents (bought)
  • give us some snacks
    give us some snacks(gave)
  • put on a wonderful play
  • be a few minutes late

2022-06-15 默写

  1. 一次吃一点甜食
  2. 经常吃许多面包
  3. 用不同得方式煮土豆
  4. 吃谷物作为晚饭
  5. 讨论道路安全问题
  6. 在人行道上保持安全
  7. 遵守交规
  8. 安全驾驶
  9. 和其他人一起过马路
  10. 小心车辆
  11. 寻找一条斑马线
  12. 先向左看
  13. 在你的右侧
  • eat a little sweet food at a time
  • often eat much bread
  • cook potatoes in different ways
  • have cereal for dinner
  • talk about road safety
  • stay safe on the pavement
  • follow traffic rules
  • drive safely
  • cross the road with other people together
  • look out for cars and bikes
  • look for a zebra crossing
  • look left
  • on your right

2022-06-14 默写

  1. 谁的起居室
  2. 来看矮马(两)(过)
  3. 慢慢走回家
  4. 拥有一个健康的饮食(过)
  5. 吃得健康(过)
  6. 早餐吃一点面条
  7. 想要许多蔬菜
  8. 想喝一些芒果汁(过)
  9. 吃一些粥和馒头怎么样?
  10. 有一张大嘴的老虎
  11. 帮助我的科学
  12. 需要冰箱里的许多可乐
  13. 需要拿小瓶装
  • Whose living room
  • come to see short horses (came)
    come and see short horse
  • walk home slowly
  • have a healthy diet (had)
  • eat healthily (ate)
  • have a few noodles for breakfast
  • want many vegetables
  • would like to drink some mango juice (drank)
  • what about having some porridge and steamed buns?
  • the tiger with a large mouth
  • help me with my Science
  • need much cola in the fridge
  • need to take a small bottle

2022-06-13 默写

  1. 在六月十二日参加派对。
  2. 把垃圾扔在马路上(过)
  3. 把他们带到办公室
  4. 快速地给了我许多糖(过)
  5. 帮我照顾我的植物
  6. 善于跳舞(两种)
  7. 及时完成作业
  8. 把我们的东西整理得井井有条(过)
  9. 总感到困(过)
  10. 奔跑穿过草地
  11. 进入厨房(过)
  12. 床底下的电脑
  13. 很了解她(过)
  • go to a party on the twfth of June
  • throw rubbish on the road (threw)
  • take them to an office (took)
  • give me many sweets quickly (gave)
  • help me look after my plants
  • be good at dancing/do well in dancing
  • Put our things in order (Put)
  • always fell sleepy (felt)
  • run through the grass
  • go into the kitchen (went)
  • the computer under the bed
  • know her well (knew)

2022-06-09 默写

  1. 在森林里的许多小老鼠。
  2. 把狮子吵醒了(过)。
  3. 让我离开(过)。
  4. 嘲笑我们(过)。
  5. 用塑料袋抓鸟(两种)。
  6. 从那以后。
  7. 变成朋友(过)。
  8. 在网上破洞(过)。
  9. 开心地跑(过)。
  10. 兴奋地为他欢呼。
  11. 想咬棒棒糖(过)。
  12. 在深湖附近的一个购物中心。
  • many little mice in the forest.
  • Wake(Woke) the lion up.
  • let me go(let).
  • laugh at us (laughed)
  • use plastic bags to catch birds (used)
    catch bids with plastic bags (caught)
  • from the on
  • become friends (became)
  • make a hole in the net (made)
  • run happily (ran)
  • cheer for him excitedly
  • want to bite lollipops (bit)
  • a shopping centre near the deep lake

2022-06-08 默写

  1. 当你看到红灯时,你必须停下。
  2. 我的父母是司机并每天小心开车。
  3. 这问题不简单,但他很轻易就答出来了。
  4. 他们正在为他们最爱的篮球选手欢呼。
  5. 他用他巨大的牙齿咬网,但没用(两种)。
  6. 他按时吃午饭,但一次只吃一点蔬菜。
  • When you see the red light, you must stop.
  • My parents are drivers and drive carefully every day.
  • This question is not easy, but he answers easily.
  • They are cheering for their favourite basketball player.
  • He bit the net with his large teeth, but it didn’t help.
    He used his large teeth to bite the net, but it didn’t help.
  • He has lunch on time, but he only eats a few vegetables at a time.

2022-06-07 默写

  1. 今早谁叫醒你的?——我妈妈,但我仍起得晚。
  2. 我对澳大利亚的动物感到兴奋。
  3. 迈克,遵守交规并向警察学习。
  4. 他们的牙齿锋利吗?——不,但他们有强壮的后腿。
  5. 我们需要做些运动来保持健康。
  6. 去年他环游了许多国家。
  • Who woke you up this morning?
    My mother did, but I still got up late.
  • I am excited about Australian animals.
  • Mike, follow the traffic rules and learn from policemen.
  • Are their teeth sharp?
    No, but they have strong back legs.
  • We need to do some sport to keep healthy.
  • He travelled around many countries last year.

2022-06-06 默写

  1. 来自全世界的旅行者想参观迪士尼。
  2. 今年十二月将有一场圣诞派对。(两种)
  3. 明天做些清理工作怎么样?
  4. 每天早上大声读英语是个好习惯。
  5. 看,那画家正在上画画课。
  6. 你想成为一名艺术家还是科学家?——艺术家。
  • The travellers from all over the world want to visit Disneyland.
  • There will be a Christmas party in December this year.
    There is going to be a Christmas party in December this year.
  • What about doing some cleaning tomorrow?
  • Reading English loudly every morningis a good habit.
  • Look,the ppainter is having a painting lesson.
  • Do you want to be an artist or a scientist?——An artist.

2022-06-01 默写

  1. 为了实现我们的梦想,我们应该勇敢且强壮。
  2. 成为一名科学家是难的。
  3. 他去厨师学校学习如何烹饪。
  4. 宇航员从宇宙飞船中出来并走上火星。
  5. 做更多的运动有利于我们的健康,我们应该好好照顾我们的身体。
  6. 护士在医院工作,他们帮助要有需要的人。
  • To make our dreams come true, we should be brave and strong.
  • It is difficult to be a scientist.
  • He goes to cooking school to learn how to cook.
  • The astronaut came out from the spaceship and walked on Mars.
  • Doing more sport is good for our health. we should take good care of our bodies.
  • Nurses work in the hospital and help people in need.

2022-05-31 默写

  1. 我们需要努力学来实现我们梦想。
  2. 在他们组,有13个学生想成为厨师。
  3. 上个月我写信给医护人员。
  4. 我的梦想是成为一名女服务员。
  5. 他告诉了我们他的梦想。
  6. 他不得不待在家照顾生病得孩子。
  • We need to study hard to make our dreams come true.
  • In their group, thirteen students want to be cooks.
  • I wrote letters to doctors and nurses last month.
  • My dream is to be a waitress.
  • He told us what he thought.
  • He has to stay at home to look after the sick child.

2022-05-30 默写

  1. 将来你想成为什么?
  2. 孩子们应该爱护他们的牙齿并一天刷两次牙。
  3. 我想成为一名宇航员并驾驶飞船到月球。
  4. 所有足球运动员想在世界杯踢球。
  5. 跳舞使人健康又漂亮。
  6. 我喜欢为钢琴家写故事。
  • What do you want to be in the future?
  • Children should care about their teeth and brush teeth twice a day.
  • I want to be an astronaut and fly a spaceship to the Moon.
  • All the football players want to play in the World Cup.
  • Dancing makes people healthy and beautiful.
  • I like writing stories for pianists.

2022-05-29 默写

  1. 早饭前,他总洗脸。
  2. 他从不吃太多甜食,但昨天他一次吃了很多。。
  3. 老鼠善于在网上破洞。
  4. 安静,我妹妹正安静地看杂志。
  5. 在一个健康的饮食中,喝大量水对我们健康有好处。
  6. 刚才狮子咬了老虎,它的腿伤得严重。
  • He always washes his face before having breakfast.
  • He never eats too much sweet foodt he ate a lot at a time yesterday.
  • Mice are good at makinges in the net.
  • Be quiet, my sister is reading magazines quietly.
  • In a healthy diet, drinking a lot of water is good for our health.
  • The lion bit the tiger just now and its leg hurt badly.

2022-05-26 默写

  1. 他计划今年去美国的大峡谷。
  2. 我们老师为班级派对做计划。
  3. ——你将在澳大利亚待多久?——大约两个月。
  4. 儿童节,教室里充满了欢乐。
  5. ——以前你去参观过白金汉宫吗?
  6. 我迫不及待地返回学校。
  • He plans to go to the Grand Canyon in the US this year.
  • Our teacher plans for the class party.
  • ——How long will you stay in Australia?——For about two months.
  • On Children’s Day, the classroom is full of joy.
  • ——Did you visit Bucingham Palace before?
    ——No, but I am going to the UK tomorrow.
  • I can’t wait to go back to school.

2022-05-25 默写

  1. 他们在为他们的寒假做计划(两种)。
  2. 他计划这周六完成他的计划。
  3. 我们将坐火车去森林。(两种)
  4. 你将在牛津待多长时间?
  5. 他现在在旅行,他将向我们展示他的旅行的照片。
  6. 台北是个旅行的好地方,你想参观它吗?
  • They are planning for their winter holiday .
    They are making a plan for their winter holiday.
  • He plans to finish his plan this Saturday.
  • We are going to the forest by train
    We are going to take the train to the forest.
  • How long will you stay in Oxford?
  • He is travelling now, he will show us the photos about his travel.
  • Taipei is a good place to travel, would you like to visit it?

2022-05-24 默写

  1. 为了环游世界他将阅读旅行书。
  2. 一我对你的计划感到兴奋。一你可以跟我一起去
  3. 我将在七月去加拿大并将在那待很长时间。
  4. 这儿有许多来自不同国家的动物,
  5. 她帮她妈妈铺床并让她休息。
  6. 他把水倒进地上的洞里。
  • He will read travel books to travel around the world.
  • I am excited about your plan. —You can go with me.
  • I will go to Canada in July and stay there for a long time.
  • There are many animals from different countries here.
  • She helps her mother make the bed and lets her have a rest.
  • He pours the water into the hole in the ground.

2022-05-23 默写

  1. 早饭后拍一些照片怎么样?
  2. 你想步行去并跟我待在一起吗?
  3. 他正在和他的老师讨论他的假日计划。
  4. 下个月他将返回香港(两种)。
  5. 他昨晚读了杂志去发现关于海洋公园的信息。
  6. 你将寻找一些关于黄石国家公园的海报吗?
  • What about taking some photos after having breakfast?
  • Would like to go on foot and stay with me?
  • He is talking with his teacher about his holiday plan.
  • He will go back to HongKong next month.
    He is going back to HongKong next month.
  • He read magazines to find out about Ocean Park last night.
  • Are you going to look for any posters about Yellow stone National Park?

2022-05-22 默写

  1. 从那以后起,他就待在伦敦。
  2. 你将坐飞机去台北来度过暑假吗?(否定回答)
  3. 你想参观香港的海洋公园和迪士尼乐园吗?
  4. 课后,我将忙于玩玩具。
  5. 请快点,别走得太慢了。
  6. 他帮我做了个学习计划。
  • From then on, he stayed in London.
  • Will you go to Taipei by plane for the summer holiday? No,I won’t.
  • Do you want to visit Ocean Park and Disneyland in Hong Kong?
  • I will be busy playing with toys after class.
  • Please quick, don’t walk too slowly.
  • He helps me make a plan for my study.

2022-05-19 默写

  1. 就在那时,老鼠用他锋利的牙齿在网上造了个洞。
  2. 狮子生气地大叫:“你如此弱,你怎么能帮我?”
  3. 我在六点半醒来,但我六点五十起床。
  4. ——这棒棒糖是给谁的?——在那的女孩。
  5. 最后,狐狸让乌鸦离开了。
  6. 他喜欢用力打球。
  • Just then, the mouse made a hole in the net with his sharp teeth.
    the mouse used his sharp teeth to make a hole in the net.
  • The lion shouted angrily :" You are so weak, How can you help me?"
  • I woke up at half past six, but I got up at ten to seven.
  • ——Who is the lollipop for? —— The girl over there.
  • Finally,the fox let the crow go.
  • He likes hitting the ball hard.

2022-05-18 默写

  1. 有人知道怎样安全过马路吗?
  2. 你必须在人行道上等我,并小心车辆。
  3. ——你必须在路上做什么?——我们必须遵守规则,保持安全。
  4. 在道路左侧有许多标识。
  5. 我现在必须看医生吗?(否定回答)
  • Does anybody know how to coss the road safely?
  • You must wait for me on the pavement and look out for cars and bikes.
  • ——What must you do on the road?
    ——We must follow the rules and stay safe.
  • There are many signs on the left side of the road.
  • ——Must I see the doctor now?
    ——No, you needn’t.

2022-05-17 默写

  1. 他将带着玩具去西方派对吗?(be going to)两种
  2. 别太早到学校,有人知道几点了吗?
  3. ——请想一些派对游戏。——表演戏剧怎么样?
  4. 在中国,除了香港和澳门,人们在道路右侧行驶。
  5. 为了保持安全,让我们讨论道路安全。
  • Is he going to bring toys to the Western party?
    Is he going to the Western party with toys?
  • Don’t arrive at school too early, does anybody know what time is it?
  • ——Please think of some party games.
    ——What about putting on a play?
  • In the People’s Republic of China, except HongKong and Macau, people drive on the right side of the road.
  • To keep safe, let’s talk about road safety.

2022-05-16 默写

  1. 你将在中国找到长城。(完整形式)
  2. 这个国家有许多有趣的城市,比如牛津。
  3. 明天在迈克家将有一场生日派对。(be going to)
  4. 他将带些气球和饮料去教室吗?
  5. 我们将先上课还是先玩?——让我们先开始上课。
  6. 一个小丑出现了,我想和他玩。
  • You’ll find the Great Wall in the People’s Republic of China.
  • There are many interesting cities in this country. for example .Oxford.
  • There is going to be a birthday party at Mike’s house tomorrow.
  • Is he going to bring any balloons or drinks to the classroom?
  • Are we going to have class or have fun first? ——Let’s begin our class first.
  • A clown appears, I want to play with him.

2022-05-13 默写

  1. 让我来告诉你关于一些国家的信息,例如加拿大和美国。
  2. 悉尼有清新的空气,它的风景是美丽的。
  3. 英国有时有雨。(两种)
  4. 请为我从超市买些水果,我想为他们做水果沙拉。
  5. 我迫不及待要知道你的旅行。
  • Let me tell you about some countries, for example , Canada and the US.
  • Sydney has fresh air, it’s view is fair.
  • The weather is sometimes rainy in the UK.
    It sometimes rains in the UK.
  • Please buy some fruit from the supermarket for me, I want to make some fruit salads for them.
  • I can’t wait to know about your visit.

2022-05-12 默写

  1. 我将去图书馆寻找关于悉尼的杂志。
  2. 来自澳大利亚的考拉又小又可爱。
  3. 在英国有许多漂亮的地方,如大本钟、伦敦眼和塔桥。
  4. 下个月,我们全家将参观牛津。
  5. 那么等着瞧。
  6. 他在厨房忙于做土豆沙拉。
  • I will go to the library to look for magazines about Sydney.
  • The Koalas from Australia are small and cute.
  • There are many beautiful places in the UK like Big Ben,The London Eye and Tower Bridge.
  • Our family are going to visit Oxford next month.
  • Just wait and see.
  • He is busy making a potato salad in the kitchen.